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Arganoil and Argan-Prickly Pear oil: Now in 30ml and 60ml economy packages. Limited offer!

  • Great soap, really recommend it. Good replacement for scrubs. Great!



  • This mask cleanses my skin very thoroughly. I have used it after washing my face with prickly pear soap and my zits and spots were visibly reduced.



Economy Packages

Arganoil & Argan-Prickly Pear oil:
Limited offer!

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Arganoil, Prickly Pear oil and Almond oil

100% natural products of top quality for face, body and hair care

Karama offers 100% natural beauty products that consist of hand pressed biological oils of the highest quality. Originating from Morocco where this ‘gold from nature’ has proven its medicinal qualities for centuries. The effect of Argan oil, Prickly Pear oil and Almond oil is amazing for face, body and hair because of the extreme high dose of vitamin E. It stimulates the cell renewal system and has an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin.

Pure and natural
All the oils are hand-pressed, pure, raw and of the highest quality. We help you to preserve your youthful skin with our pure biological products, free from parabens and certified with the EcoCert. Karama means so much as ‘dignity‘ in Arabic. So be proud of who you are, show yourself, you are fine as you are! We want to let you shine. Because when you look good, you feel good.